Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sushi Lola's

I do spend a lot of time in this area but I'd never been here or even noticed it. It's kinda tucked in the corner. My friend from Yelp Big Dawg Carl G. Told me about it and I had also seen some reviews so I stopped by here real quick for happy hour and some food.

I only had 45 minutes and they had 2 for 1 beers and wine.

Ordered 6 pieces of Nigiri which was $1 from 4-6 pm. Nigiri is just a small clump of rice with "raw" fish on top and then wrapped with a little tie of seaweed. I tried Salmon, Shrimp, Conch, Eel, and a couple others. The best thing was the Eel. It was warm and a little sweet. Make sure you ask for a side of Eel sauce, the sushi chef told me how they make it and it's quite a long process with lots of ingredients. I love that sauce!

The Manager/Server was real welcoming, accommodating to my party and happy to have us.

I know you are on the edge of your seat but yes I did get out in time to be where I had to be!

2806 Corrine Dr Orlando, FL 32803

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  1. I just had to write in because I used to love this place... great food... okay atmosphere. Seemed very family oriented with the owner and her grand child always there. The few times before the visit I am going to write about I have to admit the food quality was not good. We had decided not to go there anymore because it was that bad. Today we were meant to go to lunch at East End Market but it was closed. So, being in the same area we thought why not give it another shot. Well, to our disappointment the food quality was still not good. Kimchi was watered down/old and the usual that I get was not up to par by a long shot. The owner was our wait staff which usually there are really nice male waiters there... I got up to use that bathroom and my husband asked for the check. When I came back he was on the phone to the bank because she said his card was declined. He gave another and it also was declined. (Bank says no something is wrong with their machine) owner comes back & we talk to her about it *her attitude was not very nice & when my husband says something must be wrong with her machine she pulled an even bigger attitude and started getting upset and making a scene... full room of people. My husband said fine we will pay cash what is the total... he puts money in the bill folder. We get up and walk toward the door and she is yelling at us... I was confused but got the gist that we didn't tip her enough... Honestly my husband is usually an OVER tipper so I assumed that is all he must have had on him at the time seeing her credit card machine was not working and the scene she was making that was the best he was going to do. We walked out embarrassed and thinking not going back there... EVER! We walked down to the art store in the same strip when we heard someone running up behind us. It was the owner and she threw the money at us and turned and ran away. I have NEVER in my life been so shocked! WTF! I think this was the most disgusting scene I have ever seen from a business owner. We have always been good customers and I am sure my husband has always given a great tip... today what do you expect lady your machine was not working! Above and beyond all of this drama... FOOD SUCKED! She not only lost a client but I hope people do not go there and support her bad behavior. Who knows maybe this will happen to you there one day... ???? rant over :)