Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gringos Locos

Oh man!

I was at a concert last night at firestone and was really hungry got out about midnight so not much was open.

I stopped by Gringos Locos for a quick bite. Cheesy 80s music was blaring super loud and there was a decent crowd inside.

I ordered the one of the Double D's tacos with pork, and the Dirty Sanchez burrito. I had forgotten to tell them no rice and beans and the guy put a TON of rice and beans on it before he put anything else. That is just a way that these places save money on real ingredients, so I told him to take if off. I just want meat and toppings. He was cool about it and just put the pork on it. I had to ask him special to add raw onions which wasn't one of the things he offered to put on it by default.

They don't have fountain drinks just bottled stuff but a decent selection of Snapple. I think they should make their own Tea, Sweet and Unsweet or at least have the traditional Mexican Horchata drink.

Once I sat outside to eat my food I was blown away by the flavors. The pork was super tasty and delicious. They had cooked it in something that made it so yummy! Wow! Most places don't bother to season or marinate their meat much so this is what I expected.

Oh and they do take American Express.

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