Friday, March 25, 2011

Chili Daddy

I used to eat at Chili Daddy at their old location which was really hard to find for the average folk. I'm so glad they moved somewhere more visible and they are getting the respect they deserve. Here's my review:

The Pork Verde taco was SUPERB! I thought it would just be another taco but it was SO GOOD. They give you a deal on 3 tacos I think it's $5.99 and you and mix and match different ones.

I really liked the frito pie too, it's frito corn chips covered with chili and cheese.

The Texas chili was good but it's a little thin for my tastes. I have also tried the Thai Basil Chili which has a nice unique flavor. Additionally they have pork, mango chicken and a few other Chilis that they rotate daily.

By default their chili is not spicy, they have all kinds of powders and sauces on the wall you can add to your chili to get it as spicy as you want it. That way you can take your whimpy friends who can't handle a bit of spice and you can both eat at your correct heat level. They do sell Ghost pepper powder here so be very careful if you buy it. I had some at the Chili cookoff and it made me cry and my eyes got hazy, this is the ultra-hot stuff!

The owner is a real friendly and genuine nice guy.

They have $2 beers here too.

They do take credit cards now.

They do have a Vegan chili but I would call ahead and make sure they have some that day as their offerings tend to change.

419 E Michigan St Orlando, FL 32806
(407) 894-0430

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