Saturday, February 18, 2023

Doshi Winter Park

Doshi Winter Park is a modern Korean restaurant in Winter Park. They are located in front of the Whole Foods on 17-92 next to Mooyah.

When they first open in mid-2022 they offered a fixed price menu called the chef's counter. 

They have recently added the option for a la carte menu items. They still offer the chef's counter option as well.

The a la carte menu offers options such as appetizers, skewers, main courses.

The food is very creative and unique, but still based in traditional Korean cuisine.

The table was set with only chopsticks no fork, so if you're up to the challenge make sure your chopstick skills are up to par, though I imagine they will give you fork if you need it. I decided to try my skills, though the peanuts and also the carrots were a little bit challenging to pick up. 


My meal started with banchan, which is typical for a Korean restaurant. If you're not familiar, it's a selection of appetizers in small bowls selected by the restaurant. Often it's the case that if you like one particular dish you can ask for more of it. I mentioned to the server that I really enjoyed one of the appetizers and I was asking about the preparation, and she brought me more. 

The three items were:

• Kimchi

• Soy marinated peanuts - these were really tasty, similar recipe here 

• Pickled onions, cucumber, jalapeno. This had a sweet tangy flavor that I loved.


Next I tried the Cheesy Tteokbokkis which is sweet & spicy rice cakes, truffle mozzarella, pepitas. This was a bit spicy and very tasty. I don't believe that cheese is a traditional item in Korean cuisine, so this is likely where the modern, creative aspect of this restaurant comes in. I really loved this dish. Read more about the history & tradition of this dish in Korea here


I then moved on to the Kkochi aka Skewers.

I selected two:

• King Oyster Mushrooms - salt & pine nut. The pine nuts were particularly challenging to pick up with the chopsticks. This was served with a green sauce which was not described on the menu so I'm not sure what it is. But possibly something like a pesto.

• Fire Octopus - gochujang & sesame. This was pretty good it had the texture that you expect from octopus and was not too spicy

There was another skewer I was eyeing before I arrived, on the online menu, which was eggplant, but they were out of it. 

Main Course 

For my main course it was a toss-up between selecting the shrimp fire noodles and the galbi dish.

I selected the Wagyu Galbi Jjimb - beer-braised short ribs & vegetables including carrots.

This was extremely delicious and the beef was so tender. I would highly recommend this dish. It was served with white rice. I was given a spoon for the broth on this one.

In total my meal cost about $75 with no added drinks. 

Overall, the atmosphere was pleasant, music was modern, service was excellent, pleasant and attentive.

More details about the Chef's Counter:

Reservation for parties of 1 to 8

A 12- course tasting menu inspired by the royal cuisine from the court of the Joseon Dynasty.

They may be able to accommodate dietary restrictions. Email them ahead of time 

Prepaid reservation for parties of 1 to 6  

$160 per person. Corkage fee $35.



(407) 571-9264

Open daily from 5:30-9pm, Saturdays until midnight 

Closed Monday and Tuesday 

1040 N Orlando Ave STE 104, Winter Park, FL 32789

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Park Avenue Tavern Winter Park

Park Avenue Tavern is now in Soft Opening. In the old Dexters in Winter Park.

Salads, Sandwiches, Burgers, Flatbread, Seafood and more. 

For drinks they have Beers, Cocktails and Wine.

I tried the burger, it was simple and good, had a great flavor 

Their slogan is "Meet Me at PAT"

They aren't located on Park Ave Winter Park, but their original location in NYC is on Park Ave. The name seems to come from that.

Here's the address

558 New England Ave

Winter Park, FL 32789












558 New England Ave

Winter Park, FL 32789

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Tasty Takeover Presents: Love Hurts Feb 14th 2023

 Love Hurts at the Tasty Takeover tonight 



Tasty Takeover Presents: Love Hurts

⁃ Dinner & Dessert plus Spicy Specials from The Brujas Table, Cholo Dogs, Cloud 9 Berries, Dio Santo Street Pizzeria, The Hook Orlando, Hot Asian Buns, Over Rice, The Pass Kitchen and Pudding Queen from 6:30-10pm

⁃ And an eating competition that’ll break hearts and melt faces hosted by Red Panda Noodle, starting at 7:30pm









THE food truck block party in Orlando, Florida! In The Milk District every Tuesday night from 6:30-10pm behind the bars and shops of 2424 E. Robinson St

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Spuds at Four Rivers Sodo

Tried out these Spuds at Four Rivers Sodo, available until March 4th

Options are:

Spud Love

Baked potato topped with your choice of meat, jalapenos, shredded cheddar cheese, scallions, dollop of sour cream, and 4R Signature Sauce

Spud Crush

Baked potato topped with brisket, cheese sauce, crispy onions, horseradish sauce, 4R Signature Sauce, queso fresco, and cilantro