Thursday, October 27, 2011

airport food trucks by cell lot

I recently heard that the Orlando International Airport has a group of food trucks. I drove by today to scope it out. There are at least 2 trucks that I saw and rumor is there are 4 of them, 2 Chinese, 1 Cuban and 1 American. It's kind of in a tricky spot, you follow the signs to the Red Lot on the south side of the airport across the road from the cell lot. The signs for Red Lot say closed, but when you arrive you swerve to the left and there is a commercial lot. The sign says no public access but no one seemed to mind much that I was in there. This is an area where hundreds of Taxis and other transport shuttles hang out and wait for calls, sit at picnic tables and eat. There are a few spots that aren't marked for commercial vehicles, one of them was right next to the first food truck. Park there and try them out. I hope to go back in a week and try some of the food out. If anyone else wants to send in any pictures, info, hours, menus of these trucks I'd really appreciate it.