Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Norman's Orlando

After years of anticipation, Norman's Orlando has finally opened on Sandlake.

We had dinner there this evening and it was an elegant and delicious experience. 

Norman's 3.0 is located in the Dellagio Plaza on Sandlake Road. 7924 Via Dellagio Way, Orlando, FL 32819


They have a bar, patio and the main dining room. The decor is stylish and the service is formal. Our server was excellent, friendly and knowledgeable.

We started with some bread rolls, served with butter and salt and pepper. I wasn't really sure what the intention was with the salt and pepper so I just sprinkled it on the butter after I spread it. These rolls had a unique texture. 

We started with a seafood appetizer Shrimp Ceviche with the salsa of life and cucumbers, this was tangy.

Next up was my favorite of the meal...

Brazilian styled Shrimp & Mussel chowder $20 - made with saffron, orange, star anise in coconut milk. This was very tangy and so delicious I could have easily ate another full bowl. This seems to be chef Norman's twist on Moqueca

For my entree I had the scallop dish.

Seared Diver Harvested Sea Scallops over fermented black bean sauce. Served with tortellini filled with a very creamy cheese.

As you can see the scallops were seared perfectly. The sauce with black beans which was a unique choice. 

The tortellini was filled with boniato and queso fresco. I had never heard of boniato, but apparently it's a relative of the yam and it's popular in South Florida where chef Norman has a lot of history. Boniato

My dining companion opted for the fish entree. Pan-cooked fillet of Key West Yellowtail Snapper - served with Swiss chard and garlicky mashed potatoes and citrus butter.  $39

We finished with a decadent dessert. 

Dedo de Chocolate (chocolate finger) - Chipotle chocolate mousse salted butter caramel, macadamia bark, chocolate sorbet - $13

This was quite rich and delicious.

Overall dinner was excellent and we will definitely be returning. 

Here is the menu from the night we went, they will possibly change the menu on a regular basis so don't expect to see all the exact same items. Since my visit they have added an adobo pork dish. What will you choose?

Dessert Menu 

Additionally they have a separate menu at the bar.

Bar Menu


Wine Cellar

Norman's Orlando

(321) 754-1025

Reservations strongly suggested

Additionally I would suggest reading chef Norman's autobiography. I'm really enjoying it.

This is also worth a listen.