Monday, July 28, 2014

Orlando Artisan Marketplace

Orlando Artisan Marketplace, a weekly, on Friday, Farmer's market at Fashion Square Mall to have it's Grand Opening Event Friday Aug 1st @ 3 pm.
Here is the press release:
The Orlando Artisan Marketplace:

 Locally Grown, Crafted, & Enjoyed

A Community Market at the Fashion Square Mall

Central Florida has become a hub for all things local, cultural and sustainable, with an increasing shift towards small business and craft, farming, and community. The desire for locally produced food and goods continues to grow, along with burgeoning support for local commerce.

In the spirit of this growing need, this return to a sustainable and involved community, we introduce the Orlando Artisan Marketplace: Locally Grown, Crafted, & Enjoyed.

This is more than just a farmer’s market. This is local food, wine, art, goods, talent and culture at its best, deepening community ties and support, a return to our roots: this is Central Florida, this is the Orlando Artisan Marketplace.
With the combined vision of the newly revamped and renewed Fashion Square Mall, local food activist and businessman Steve Moreau, and local marketing consultant and writer Jade A. Murray, the Orlando Artisan Marketplace was born.  

Steven Moreau has been a fixture in the local food scene for the past ten years, first as a farm apprentice on a grass-fed farm in Northern Florida milking cows, feeding chicken and pigs, and learning the ins and outs of sustainable farming practices. His focus in recent years has been to provide this superior quality food to locals through his farm food buying service. Sourced from only the best Florida farms, makes grass-fed and toxin free food available to residents all around Central Florida. Steve personally visits and picks up from each farmer, ensuring quality and fostering relationships reminiscent of the “good old days” when we were more in touch with our food, neighbors and community.

His reputation preceding him, Steve was recently approached by the good people at the Fashion Square Mall to put together a local farmers market in their efforts to grow the local economy and community. With his passion for local business, culture, food and sustainability, Steve jumped at the chance. He enlisted the expertise of his marketing consultant and together they have brought this vision to life.

Jade Murray has been marketing and writing for small business for years, specializing in content marketing and building local brands. As part of the Orlando Artisan Market she will be marketing vendors through social media and other sources, highlighting both the market as a whole as well showcasing the local talents.

As we prepare to launch the Orlando Artisan Marketplace we are handpicking only the finest artisan producers. From homemade skincare products to salsa, locally grown greens and handcrafted goods, we are bringing together a group of people who are passionate about their products and who put quality first. Our vendors are sincere people with intimate knowledge and pride in their craft, whether it is crafting wallets or growing the best Central Florida tomatoes around!

The Orlando Artisan Marketplace is more than just a farmer’s market; it is an experience, a featured weekly event cultivating the local economy, culture and community.

With the full support of the Fashion Square Mall, the heart of Orlando, we are excited to announce this amazing and unique gathering of local talent. The Orlando Artisan Marketplace will be open every Friday from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. Come enjoy a leisurely walk around the air conditioned mall, never mind the Florida heat or rain, and stock up on your favorite locally produced goods while enjoying a sense of community with your fellow neighbors.

Enjoy food demonstrations, small group seminars, guest speakers, and market tours along with locally farmed organic produce, grass-fed meats, raw honey, handcrafted soaps and lotions, and so much more!

Join us in revitalizing and bringing together the cultural community, supporting local commerce, and providing delicious foods and unique goods to your family all while enjoying your Friday evening with family, friends, and neighbors at the Orlando Artisan Marketplace!

The Grand Opening Event will be on Friday, August 1st beginning at 3:00pm.