Thursday, March 31, 2011

El Cubanito

A few days ago I heard about this stand in the industrial area on Forsyth road between Colonial Drive and University. I went to check it out yesterday.

El Cubanito food truck is owned and operated by a guy from Cuba, but surprisingly only being one guy he has a huge menu and many food options worth checking out.

It's located in the parking lot of an Wilson Auto Repair, look for the umbrella on the truck and the boat trailers all around the parking lot. Parking seems to be pretty random and no one seems to mind where you park in the lot. Often you have to stand up and eat at these food trucks but not here, he even has a tent covering the eating area.

Luckily I got there when he wasn't busy and I was able to take a lot of photos and chat with him for a bit using a bit of my Spanglish and he his passable English, he's been open 6 months.

One of my favorite things that people from PR and Cuba make is Lechon or Pernil which is roasted pork usually cooked with lots of garlic in a blood orange sauce. El Cubanito serves a Lechon Cuban sandwich and I almost ordered it but the Choripan sandwich($3.95) caught my eye. I asked him about it and he said it was real Cuban Chorizo which is different from the Mexican kind I'm used to, apparently it has a firmer texture and in this sandwich he had cut it up into curly strips and cooked it on his griddle. The sandwich itself was a little dry for my taste but you could easily alleviate that by putting some mustard on it or dipping it in his soup of the day. It came with my choice of cheese and potato sticks on it. To drink I had a super sweet can of Guava Nectar, he has other canned fruit drinks soda and water.

Next I ordered some Platanos Maduros, the sweet fried plantains served at every Cuban restaurant. They were sweet and tender as expected.

Although the menu described some desserts he was out of the Flan and the Cuban cupcake so this led me to explore the extensive menu a little more and ask him what Batitos were. Turns out they are the Cuban version of a milkshake or smoothie. They are made in a blender with a little milk and some frozen fruit. My options were Guava a few other tropical fruits but I ordered Passion Fruit(luckily I remembered the Spanish word for this, Parcha). It was real thick and tasty, while I was drinking it a couple groups of people showed up and ordered the Cuban Milkshakes as well.

Overall a great experience and I hope to go back and explore the menu further especially the omelet sandwich which he has a picture of that looks amazing!

He's open Mon-Sat 7am-7pm and also serves breakfast. Make sure you check out the pictures of the menu.

2237 N Forsyth Rd Orlando, FL 32807-5351

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