Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lechonera Mario

This is a food truck in the LKQ salvage yard parking lot north side of Colonial exactly next to the road that goes to greenway ford. They have a couple chairs out front which is nice.

I got here later in the day a few hours after lunch time so it was pretty slim pickins on the menu was an item which I found in PR and I love but they were out of. Piononos which is a sweet plantain mashed up in a square and stuffed with meat.

I had a Alcapurria which is a fried dough shell filled with ground beef. It wasn't that good.

They also have coolers full of all kinds of drinks you just pick what you want.

This is the kinda place that is rough around that edges that most Americans won't eat at, If you are nearby give it a shot especially if it's just around noon when the food is fresh.

The Menu includes

Sandwhiches(sic) : Tripleta, Beef Steak, Cubano, Ham and Cheese w/ Egg if you choose, Pernil(roasted pork)

Lunches(Almuerzos): Soup, Chuleta a la Plancha (pork chop cooked on a flattop), Fried Chicken, Pernil these all come with rice and one side(Yellow Plantains or Yucca)

Frituras(Fritters): Alcapurria(Green Plantain Fritter) with meat or crab, Fried Codfish, and a few others. See the Picture attached to this review if you want to see the full menu.


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