Sunday, February 19, 2012

Luma on Park Ave, Winter Park

from their site: "What is Luma: An upscale, casual American Kitchen serving original locally inspired cuisine."
290 South Park Avenue in Winter Park, Florida 32789 Google Map
Luma serves dinner seven nights a week.
Had a delicious dinner and experience last night at Luma. The staff was wonderful, especially our server Shawn. I was very interested in about half of the items on the Small Plates menu. We shared the following items:
  • Tomato soup - unfortunately this was only decent but nothing special, I've had better flavors in tomato soup at much more lower priced places
  • Heirloom tomato salad - though I love locally grown Waterkist tomatoes, these were a little mushy, there was a couple clumps of Burrato cheese on the salad which had an interesting texture like a buffalo mozzarella with a very mild flavor.
  • Pea shoot tagliatelle carbonara - the tagliatelle dish was so delicious, the pasta was made in house from snap peas and it had basil-fed snails and small cubes of Tasso(smoked pork), each bite had a wonderful snap pea crunch, I highly recommend you try this dish.

I also had the Lionfish sashimi which sounded very interesting and something I don't think most people have ever had before, but was too mild for my taste, still it was a unique experience. According to our server the Lionfish is becoming quite a nuisance along the Florida coast, here is an article about it, Florida wants invasive Lionfish on the menu

The only Main Course that interested me was the Scallops with grits and Tasso, but due to a sudden lapse in judgement, I decided to order the Bolognese Ragù which didn't have enough of the tasty meat sauce for my liking. The pasta was cooked al dente but I didn't care for that texture. I also tried a bite of the Striped bass which had an excellent flavor and went well with the onion broth.

Too full to try dessert but they had one really interesting item that caught our eye. It was described as having a flavor similar to the milk left after you eat all the Cap'n crunch cereal out of it.
CAP'N CRUNCH POT DE CREME -rabbit run farms strawberries, peanut butter crumble $7

We hope to go back soon and try the chef's table, you have to call at least a few days in advance but I hear it's quite a great experience.

Menu(changes daily)

Heirloom Tomato Salad
Watermelon radishes, EVOO-fried bread, 

anchovy vinagrette, burrato $10

crème fraiche, extra virgin olive oil, chive

basil-fed snails, pancetta tesa, sugar snap peas

Serrano, lime, king farms datil peppers, Thai basil flowers

eight hour ragù, red wine, parmesan

toasted farro, trumpet mushrooms, onion broth, romesco

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