Friday, February 1, 2013

ClandesDine Dinner

This past Saturday night I was able to attend a pop-up dinner presented by The Daily City and Chef Bryce Balluff, I've been anticipating this for dinner for a while.

Chef Bryce runs the Fork in the Road food truck and has an impressive resume.

The event was held during the cardboard art festival at Say It Loud, 1121 N. Mills Ave. The big orange building on the corner near BART.

 It made for some really unique and interesting decor during the meal. Cardboard robots, cats, menacing fish and submarines decorated the space. 

Music was provided by the Florida Youth Symphony Orchestra string quartet, playing a nice mix of classical songs along with Beatles and some movie theme songs.

The menu for ClandesDine was described by the chef as being inspired by being a kid. It included, Molecular PB&J with port wine jelly, Turducken Sausage, wild boar sausage meatballs, port wine pears & more. It was a wonderful evening with great company.

pb&j- Peanut Butter "Sand" - Port & Concord Grape Jelly- Torn Brioche

fish sticks- Royal Red Shrimp "Goujonettes", Vegetable Chips, Nitrogen Shattered "Million Island Dressing"
beans & weenies- Tur-du-cken Sausage, 23 Flavor BBQ Heirloom Beans, Crispy Herbs

Green Beans -  Blistered Haricot Vert, Crispy House Cured Bacon, Truffled Balsamic Glaze

ice cream float- Left Hand Milk Stout. Nitrogen Vanilla Ice Cream "Pearls"

cake & cookies- Raspberry Butter Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Crumble, Torn Chocolate Sponge

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