Monday, December 3, 2012

B&B Junction

B&B Junction is a new restaurant in the old 4 Rivers location on Fairbanks. Layout and seating is almost exactly the same as 4 Rivers was. I even think they have the same drink machine.

It just opened a few days ago. I went today and had a nice Pecan smoked bacon burger with onion jam, it was nice. I ordered it medium rare and it was cooked correctly. The bun tasted good with a nice crisp edge. The bacon was a tiny bit tough and I would have liked a generous amount of jam but I can order it that way next time.

I had a slice of the bread pudding with bacon caramel on top, it was kinda dry and they put a ton of caramel sauce on which is probably way too much for most people but I didn't mind.

They have a huge beer selection and wine too! No bud light thank god. B&B stands for Beers and Burgers.

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