Tuesday, June 14, 2011

International Food Club Grocery Store

International Food Club

This is a rather large international grocery store in an industrial area between Kirkman and I-4

There are ingredients and foods here from just about every European, Far Eastern & Latin American country even Turkey & Caribbean. Food, beverages, spices, fruits, vegetables, cereals, baked goods, dairy, you name it! Quite a selection.

My friend got the following items: "some Irn Bru; a bag of plantain chips, some rock candy; ziti from Italy; chocolates from Argentina."

They also have a cafe that serves lunch and a bakery.

4300 L B McLeod Rd Orlando, FL 32811
Ste A
(321) 281-4300

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  1. Their selection of Indian groceries also is to die for! I got a small back of samosa snacks (little triangular spicy veggie filled pastries) for $1 ... I LOVE this place!!!

  2. We LOVE this shop! C gets all of his British items that are either too expensive or not available at other stores. The falafel at the cafe is also to die for.

    One thing I have noticed, though, is that they have a tendency to have expired (in some cases VERY expired) canned goods on the shelves. Not a huge deal now that I know (I always check dates before I buy) but C got a fairly bad case of food poisoning last year from an out-of-date can of Heinz baked beans. Ooooops.

  3. Chris, what an awesome place. I'm going to have to stop in when I'm in the area next. Thank you so much for sharing this!!!

  4. Holy spice selection! International Food Club looks like food mecca. I have to stop by there, preferably during daylight. I've driven by there and always thought this places was just bulk sale to business. I'm glad I'm wrong. :D

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