Friday, April 8, 2011

Which restaurant in Orlando has the best Pho?

Which restaurant in Orlando has the best Pho? I've heard Lac Viet, read this article Searching for Hanoi's Ultimate Pho from Smithsonian Magazine:

See listings for Pho on Yelp Orlando:


  1. Id choose pho vinh or pho 88. the best pho is home made by moms in the garage though. im heading to vietnam this summer ill let you know how real pho tastes lol.

    ps the first photo looks like seafood mi hu tieu

  2. What a coincidence! I had Pho today around 1pm. Went to Phoa Hoa on Primrose and Colonial. I'm no Pho expert tho but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  3. I also love Pho Hoa - everyone is really friendly there and the Pho is noms!

    They also have these awesome crunchy meatball summer rolls. :9