Thursday, April 28, 2011

Frank's Bar BQ Food Truck Hoffner

Yesterday I went out in search of unknown food trucks and I found one!

Frank's Bar BQ Food Truck is on Hoffner in the parking lot of the Nice & Easy Bar, between 436 and Conway. He serves West Indian(St. Thomas) style BBQ with a latin influence. He's been there over 3 years, he previously had a spot on Goldenrod but moved to his current location.

I tried his coleslaw which was good but standard style except he puts a few raisins in it! that made my day. He also gave me a sample of his pork with BBQ sauce, it was really tasty. The outside had a nice crust and the inside was soft and had great flavor.

He also serves Pinchos which are meats grilled on a skewer, Pina Coladas, smoothies, hamburgers, fries and chicken. See pics for menu.

Frank's Bar BQ Food Truck
5470 Hoffner Avenue, Orlando, FL 32812-2501
Tuesday-Thursday noon-9pm
Friday-Saturday noon-11pm

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