Friday, March 8, 2019

ChauHaus Winter Park

ChauHaus is now open for lunches in Winter Park.

Located in Sushi Pop Winter Park at 115 East Lyman Ave, Winter Park, FL

They are open 11am-3pm Wednesday-Sunday

I'm so glad Sushi Pop and now ChauHaus are in Winter Park, it's very convenient and in a beautiful space.

The menu features traditional Vietnamese foods inspired by Chef Chau's mother. They serve Pho, Banh Mi, Spring Rolls, Duck Curry & Wings. Also they have cocktails.

One exciting thing I noticed on the menu is you can order Pho broth to dip your Banh Mi in.

They also plan to start serving Poke bowls.

Food Menu

Drink Menu

Spring Rolls with Shrimp and Roasted Pork Belly

Fish Sauce Caramel tossed Chicken Wings topped with chilis, toasted peanuts, cilantro, lime and toasted garlic
 These wings had a great unique flavor and as with all the dishes the presentation was excellent. The fish sauce flavor was not overpowering, the wings had a very good flavor.

Chicken Pho - Chicken Broth, rice noodles, pulled chicken, black garlic oil, fried chicken skin, caramelized shallots, ginger-shallot schmaltz dipping sauce
The broth was richer than typical chicken broths, but not heavy. The chicken flavor was superior to typical Vietnamese restaurants.

Grilled Pork Vermicelli - Binchotan grilled marinated pork shoulder and port sausage, spring roll, rice vermicelli topped with pickled carrot and kohlrabi, lettuce, toasted peanuts, fish sauce, crispy shallots, scallion oil, mint

 I loved the variety and mixture of flavors of my Grilled Pork bowl, this is the dish I typically order at Vietnamese restaurants.

ChauHaus is a very welcome addition to the Winter Park food scene.

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