Monday, November 12, 2018

Burnt Ends are the Bomb at Oklahoma Joe's

I love trying all the new BBQ restaurants around Orlando, so I was excited to get the invite to a tasting of the new Oklahoma Joe's BBQ opening up in Daytona Beach. We have a lot of North Carolina and Texas BBQ here, but Oklahoma-style BBQ is a new thing here in Florida. Oklahoma Joe's One Daytona is the only Florida location of a Tulsa-based restaurant run by Joe Davidson, one of the winningest BBQ masters ever. I tasted through the menu and found some definite winners.

I was really impressed with the baked beans- they have a lot of smoked meat flavor, with an addictive sweet-spicy thing going on. They're made with a lot of different kinds of beans, and they're not too sweet, just perfect with the BBQ. I loved the pulled pork sandwich as well- it's nice and lean but not dry. I tried it with all the different sauces- they have regular BBQ, hot, and mustard-based sauces that are all really good.

The real stars of the tasting were the burnt ends. They're also known as "Meat Candy" and they're unlike anything I've had in Florida. The pitmasters take the fatty part of the smoked brisket and cube it, then soak it in bbq sauce and smoke it again for 3 hours. It comes out all caramelized and tender- kind of like a sweet bacon with lots of meat. I totally recommend trying these out!

The restaurant itself is bright and open, with a great big back porch with lots of TVs for watching football or Nascar. It's in ONEDAYTONA, directly across from the Daytona International Speedway, right behind the Bass Pro Shops. It's a great place to stop in for a meal on the way to the beach or a road trip. Check it out next time you're in Daytona Beach!


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