Thursday, September 11, 2014

Green Kitchen: Clean Eating On I-Drive

Green Kitchen brings Clean Eating to the Orlando restaurant scene with a fresh new concept.  What's Clean Eating? Well, it's popular with bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, and focuses on meats, vegetables, and whole grains, with minimal sugar or added fat.  Green Kitchen provides options for all kinds of special diets, with an array of healthy choices for breakfast and lunch.

Every day they offer a Lean Plate, with grilled meat, brown rice, and veggies, with the options announced on their menu boards.  There are plenty of healthy choices on the regular menu as well, including cold pressed juices named after places in Brazil. Service is friendly, efficient and fast, with an ipad-based ordering system that's perfect for a lunch crowd. Everything is handmade in the open kitchen, but I still got my entire meal within five minutes... impressive!  They offer several fresh-squeezed lemonades, and I enjoyed a nice limeade with my lunch.

Their hummus is clearly fresh, nice and chunky with a clean, lemony flavor, not pasty like at some fast-food joints.  It's topped with a nice olive oil and paprika and served with pita chips. I would prefer if they offered warmed pita wedges or made their own chips to go with this excellent hummus.

For lunch I had the Moroccan Melt on a whole wheat round flatbread, a steal at $6. It was chock-full of tuna salad, organic greens, plump ripe tomatoes, cucumber, shredded carrot and sprouts with melted Colby Jack cheese. It was so much food that I had to cut it and save half for lunch the next day.  I look forward to trying their turkey Moroccan melt, the salmon signature sandwich and the paninis. Other guests ordered these while I was there and they looked quite good.

House-made desserts including key lime pie, chocolate mousse, chocolate pie, and lemon pie are temptingly displayed at the counter, but I opted for a simple chocolate rugelach, which was quite delicious,

Green Kitchen is located at the corner of a new office building, with plenty of reserved parking.  It's a minimalist setting, but has a nice relaxing lounge area in one corner.  I'll definitely stop by again, it's nice to have a fast, healthy choice in the middle of the I-Drive madness.
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