Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Southern Moon BBQ Orlando

Southern Moon BBQ just opened This Past Sunday so I stopped off today to give them a try. They are located on Curry Ford and Crystal Lake next to Winn Dixie and Rogue Pub.

Kicked things off with a drink, Lemonade Tea with Moonshine and Peach Schnapps.

Here is the Menu which is on a couple walls, no paper menu yet.

Started off with the buffalo wings, the ranch was buttermilk and unique, Wings were good but nothing I haven't had before. Still good wings are hard to come by.

Ordered a variety of the BBQ'ed meats which you can order by the 1/4 pound or more. wanted to try all the red meats, so got the St. Louis Ribs, Pork Shoulder and Brisket.

Side of Mac & Cheese, better than average. Kinda expensive at $5.99 but a very generous portion. Pretty good, better than average. Would like to see a version with some pork in it.

St. Louis ribs were my favorite thing, they had a nice seasoning and a light smoke flavor which was just right.

They give you a variety of sauces if you request them, they have Texas Q style which is Smokey with I believe a Chipotle pepper flavor. St Louis sauce(my fav) it was thin and a little sweet, Alabama White sauce, Mustard sauce & a Spicy One. One complaint, the sauces they gave us in bottles kept getting ingredients stuck in the top so not much would come out. Have them give you each sauce in a bowl/side container instead, but what that means is that they are using real ingredients and making the sauces themselves which is outstanding.

Interior was a bit desolate but still comfortable and Cozy, can't judge or expect much in their first week they are still getting things situated I'm sure. Our server was awesome, Booth was comfy, restroom was spotless.
There hasn't been any good BBQ places in the Conway area for a long time so I think and hope they will do quite well. Menu has a lot more things that I didn't try lots of interesting desserts too.  If you order typically I'd say check will average $20-$25 a person. Not counting alcohol.

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