Friday, September 28, 2012

Trader Joe's Orlando

new article in the Sentinel, seems likely it will be at 17-92 near Houston's

According to Orlando Business Journal, Trader Joe's is looking to open 4 -5 stores in the Orlando area and is quietly scoping out locations here but they won't open until more than 2 years down the road.

Here is a related article from The Daily City

and the campaign to bring Trader Joe's to Orlando

From The Palm Beach post "Trader Joe’s has a cultlike following for its mostly private label products that include a mix of gourmet and organic products, as well as basics like milk and eggs, all at low prices. The retailer is also known both for its off-beat interior design, with cedar-covered walls, Hawaiian decor and local artwork highlighting area landmarks."

and another article about the Trader Joe's store that just opened in Sarasota "Two Buck Chuck!"


I've recently heard that Trader Joes will be building their new Winter Park store in the complex next to Houstons/Hillstone on 17/92 currently an office complex that will be torn down. There will also be 3 or so restaurants in the complex.

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