Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hard Wok Rock 'N Roll Food Truck Orlando

Here are upcoming times when you can try my favorite the Hard Wok Truck:


Hard Wok upcoming events:
Thursday we'll be at Sip 7pm-10pm,
Friday starts our new night; Five Star Fridays featuring along with us 5 Gastronomy, La Empanada and Yum Yum at Spacebar 7pm-11pm with dj's, 
Saturday at Peacock for Orange You Glad
Sunday at Fashion Square for Orlando Food Truck Bazaar 5pm-8pm

Hard Wok Rock 'N Roll Food Truck

 Peacock Room.

4 years in the making. Doing all Asian and southern fusion. Upscale food for no more than 6 bucks!

Here are some sample menu items
Fleetwood mac and cheese, 6 cheese sauce with sichuan fried crab and shrimp.

Led Zeppelin tempura fish and chips. Two fresh white fish fillets fried in

Motley Crue Thai, decadent, garlic bar ribs. Marinated short ribs, grilled, and served over rice.

Slayer wings. Spicy asian marinated grilled hot wings. Served with hand cut frites and ranch dipping sauce.

Iggy Popcorn Shrimp basket. Asian tempura fried shrimp skewers, served with tempura skewered veggies and sweet chili sauce.

Queen's Thai Chicken Satay. Marinated curry, coconut,  chicken skewers, grilled and served over rice with thai peanut sauce.

Primus Thai Pork Satay. Marinated curry, coconut, pork belly skewers, grilled and served over rice with Thai peanut sauce.

Keith Richards So Baked Burrito. Thai style marinated beef salad, kimchi, tomatoes, spiced soy aoli, served over rice and rolled in a fresh tortilla.

Tools Thai beef salad lettuce wraps. Two lettuce wraps stuffed with Thai marinated beef and herbs over rice.

Ziggy Stardust thai star cookie ice cream sundae. Thai star cookies blended with home made vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup, caramel and whipped cream.

The Bono burger. Traditional juicy lucy burger, a grilled beef burger patty stuffed with cheddar and monterey jack, topped with spicy asian pickles, and grilled onions, between a potato bun. Served with hand cut frites.

The Tommy Lee dog. LA style footlong hotdog wrapped in bacon, dipped in tempura and deep fried with spicy aoli, 6 cheese sauce and hand cut frites.

The NKOTB garbage plate. Bacon fried rice. A Southern take on a Chinese classic. Thai rice fried with herbs, veggies, and of course thick cut bacon.

Twisted Sister Thai rolls. 4 traditional Thai spring rolls deep fried served with hand cut sweet potato fries, sweet chili and thai peanut dipping sauce.

Ozzys egg rolls. and one veggie spring roll with tempura fried vegetable skewers. Served with a side of spicy ranch dipping sauce.

The New York Dolled up Grilled Cheese

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